Band Booster Board

2022-2023 Legend Band Booster Board Officers

Band Director - Orlando Otis

Band Booster President - Suzanne Turner

Band Booster Vice President - Stacey Mays

Band Booster Treasurer - Carol Brown

Band Booster Assistant Treasurer - Marie Farney

Band Booster Secretary - Heather Truesch

Band Booster Fundraising Chair - Connie McCann

Band Booster Large Events Chair - Debbie Daniels

2022-2023 Legend Band Booster Key Personnel

Band Booster Restaurant Night Coordinator - Kari Ferguson

Band Booster Bingo/Raffle Event Managers - Peter & Marie Farney

Band Booster Quartermaster - Marly Dombrower

Band Booster Pit Captain - Gerald Barton

2022-2023 Legend High School Contact Information

Legend HS Assistant Principal/Activities Director - Kerri Davis

Legend HS Secretary to Kerri Davis - Sarah Brenning

Legend HS Performing Arts Department Chair - Eli Moore

Legend HS Building Services, Custodial and Maintenance - Jimmy Hancock