Symphonic Bands /

Wind Ensemble

Legend HS Concert/Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students will be assigned a band lock and locker or other storage space for their use throughout the year. Lockers will be assigned based upon availability, need and instrument size. Students will store their instruments, music, music supplies and depending on the locker size, additional school items. The Locker and Lock rental cost for the school year is $5.00. Students who lose or misplace locks will be required to pay an additional $5.00 replacement fee.

Students that are in Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will participate in the Winter concert, Feeder concert, Spring concert, band festivals and other scheduled events. Students in the ensembles listed above will be expected to practice at home regularly and show consistent improvement to attain a grade of “A” in the class. In addition, students are expected to have instruments that are in excellent working condition, along with all of the supplies(music/reeds/valve oil etc…) that will contribute to a positive musical experience, with them everyday in class. Private music lessons are encouraged and highly recommended! Attendance is required at all dress rehearsals and performances. Students must be enrolled in band for both semesters. All Band Classes are YEAR-LONG Participation CLASSES.

Many studies have shown that taking private music lessons is a major contributor in the success of a developing musician.

For a list of private instructors on your instrument, please contact Mr. Otis.