Jazz Band/

Pep Band

Pep Band is a volunteer performance ensemble that mainly performs at varsity girls and boys home and playoff basketball games. Occasionally, the ensemble will perform at other special events also. Membership and Sign-up begin in November of each year. Students may use participation points for lettering with attendance at each game.

The Jazz Band(s) are made up of student musicians from Legend HS School who are also members of Wind Ensemble, Concert, Symphonic, and Marching Bands. With the exception of specialized rhythm players i.e. Guitar, Bass and as needed Piano, students must also belong to one of the above mentioned groups. The Legend High School Jazz ensemble provides an opportunity for students to expand their jazz experience through improvisation and the high level performance of age and ability appropriate Jazz band literature. Students in this group must be committed to focused group practice during class and individual practice outside the regular school day. Students must show and demonstrate consistent improvement during a grading period to attain a grade of “A” in the class. Private music lessons are encouraged and highly recommended! Attendance is required at all dress rehearsals and performances.

The Legend Jazz program hosts festivals at Legend HS, as well as hosting professional musicians and guest artists that will work with the group in master class settings.